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Old 12-10-2014, 11:35 PM
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Default put the iron on your account

This time, cover your recent events, community news and more, or something special.Another thing that you need to mark the end of the week, double XP starts tomorrow, and will continue until November 3. Double XP weekend is always good , They are noisy fun and a great way to get involved in RuneScape community.Firstly want you to know that RS've RESOLVED change to get the resource group monthly Chronicle. You can thus renewed, new group Chronicle.With the recent news of the goodwill of the well is planned expect reopen houses TauOmicronMu a campaign for donations to charity wonderful to help gather support the uptake of resources is the efforts.Here event structure. Many players set up, and sit on the open chat friend on welfare. Then divide the players into groups depending on what activity they will do to make money, and avoid all Gielinor do money.This means you not only earn money for charity, and we have fun doing it can Anyone can be to try new things. Running past people saw nothing of the tree cutting for Vorago do, and hopefully if we get the event back on track, we could Just be a lot of fun, and as successful as Timis. You log forum and others I find information on the event details. Everyone loves a good competition, and that is exactly what the Department of Defense John up. It is a single game by offering some great prizes, treats, such as t-shirts Runescape, the connection of 30 days and a personal mystery gift. All you have to do is write a horror story Relevant Runescape, but you can only use to do 15 words or less. You have until Wednesday, May November.It is now in pumpkins, and we hope you enjoy Halloween and special events, and in real life. Ironman mode is finally here. Never seen as a challenge in RuneScape. Any help from other players. If you are from Iron Man, you're on your own.Creating into account When Ironman Ironman Possible or new accounts, and players will be reliable for the two characters in the tutorial island and state Ironman Ironman mode or terminate your account. These two characters, and Paul Adam, and can be found outside the home trainer Magic at the end of the lesson island. Do you want Become Iron Man, you are asked to identify the identity password database If you enable the Ironman status as a way to protect your account and to prevent hijackers people with disabilities you put iron. You'll come across the screen after the above conversation with someone from Adam or Paul. If you are the 'permanent' option to enable you to not reliably switch mode.It Ironman is not possible to be Iron Man Become detriment completed the tutorial island. You can not Ironman Ironman end Becomes bill. Keep este mind, there is no way back after leaving the tutorial island! Rules / limitationsAfter Iron Man Allowing man to put the iron on your account, you will all the available number of restrictions on trade playersNo place.No take a few drops of the other players (including drops PvP) not PvP XP (experience Clarify pouring, spraying, have won) can not see the monster loot if you do not do 100% of the Help button damage car locked offCannot carry POH other players or players took POH.Cannot Their purchase items from other Players trawlerUnable-through hunting shop cannotrecord use recibir Articles Balloon festival space dropNo strike (fencing is still possible) players can only use the zone nightmare store will not only sell you will have the rules resources.Additional Eventually Ironman / Accounts Iron Man limitationsUltimate The following restrictions and banking When access limitations.Cannot standard Ironman death lose all your itemsIt
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