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Old 01-21-2020, 06:04 AM
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Default They later retracted that Osrs gold

In there haste to be maxed I see a great deal of runescape players get burned out and briefly quit. A lot of those runescape players will not achieve a 120 because they've

made it look like a chore instead of enjoying runescape. I concur 120s is a way of veterans. I imagine every skill is going to be 120 eventually but when Jagex keeps snowballing these out 120s in rapid succession, then it will shed a lot

of there veteran runescape participant base.

People going for 120s are just like the couple percent. It's a huge massive mistake to keep doing what they're doing. There arent enough of the hardcore runescape players to keep runescape alive. It is a terrible update the majority of

runescape gamers won't ever touch. It had been done for the hardcore runescape players and the whales have more xp to purchase and to keep those loyal runescape players sticking around who are prepared to buy other things. Its likely to

have zero effect on runescapes population as a whole.

And anything that doesnt have implications across runescape at this time and all of its runescape players, present and future, is useless. Its pure laziness. Raise the cap, and add a few rewards. Check out 120 slayer. A really tiny

fraction of the runescape player base took advantage of it and slayer is like the most popular ability in runescape... farming is one of the LEAST popular in runescape. And 120 herblore will be a fucking nightmare gp wise for anyone who

isnt mad hardcore into runescape already or who have a ton of real world money to dismiss.

Completely agree with the sentiment of your post but I believe OP's tone has been misunderstood. While yes, it's dumb to state that"no one asked for this" - if it actually is"new content". That is exactly what people are asking for.

Although in the end of the day, this informative article certainly does not deserve the hype that Jagex is attempting to force onto it. New potions look like just one of the most easy and time that is less things to do, now wait, allow

me to clarify. I know, I am not a match dev and that which takes person hours and lots of thought. But take a moment and think about it yourself, we've had overloads and ultimate overloads/salves etc for how long in runescape?

Well may not be that easy but I'm sure it is on exactly the exact same track. In addition to the graphical icons for it are tiny and I'm sure didn't call for a good deal of time to do or emphasise. Also yes I agree that simply because
someone spent time on something does not make it automatically trash or vice versa. But at the same timeI feel as it does not deserve to have a slot in the"Year's big content updates" - on the flip side, I'll provide the Farming update a free pass because they do need to invest a lot to the artwork and dev team to make the assets. But total, 120 herb and 120 farm looks something like they can bring out anytime with of the hype and focus around it.

Well, RuneScape 3 is becoming a brand new skill shortly, so I think Jagex is placing all of their cards into that. Did you find the OSRS RuneFest reveals for 2020? It's pretty much completely recycled 5-year-old RS3 content. I honestly think OSRS gets new content than people do, but I am kind of jealous because Twisted Leagues is a fresh and interesting idea.Just because it exists in one game does not mean you simply copy paste it over, they're sitll building it from the set up to update the code and future proof it from spaghetti. That's why OSRS has major QOL updates which RS3 has been requesting for many years like farming sign re-write. Rather than really modernizing the farm tick code, then they just release PoF to substitute the ability.

Seriously? Obviously that they rewrote the code for OSRS, that is a good thing that you're able to have in OSRS that I am really happy for. Rewriting the code for RS3? Forget it. Fucking THINK for a moment: Do you truly think its possible to re-write the code of a game that has been in existence for 20 years who has for the most part obtained weekly updates? Let that sink in. 20 fucking years, using different devs over the years inputting their own code in their own style.

Twisted League is a interesting concept but finally it's a temporary game mode that deletes your advancement in the end and produces no lasting influence in the real game.I'm not certain what brand new content in OSRS you're referring to, especially since the current Bounty Hunter rework has been a total collapse that helped bot farmsafter a few beta and feedback worlds. Meanwhile RS3 will eventually end a content drystreak using a shot at less predatory MTX that is in the right direction, 120 herb that will shake the PvM meta, 120 farm and much more things to perform Anachronia.

Twisted league being momentary is what makes it brilliant. Re begin it two months down the line for more new content to do. BH upgrade was a gigantic mess though I really do agree.The thing we have been whining about for RS3 is much too much temporary material and patch weeks without lasting permanent content. 120 Farm/Herblore and Ranch out of Time are permanent updates with extended term content.The kind of temporary material is very different though. And it's still to be seen how well that expansion goes. With just how much of it's tied into the ranch, and also just how infrequent the eggs are to get your ranch, it's not impossible that, if breeding rates are poor, most runescape players will not be able to actually try out herblore until a month after if eggs are cheap then.

Not really. You are making zero improvement something in RS3, to your principal account, after all. It's, but like, it's large scale permanent content.Let's also not forget that we were outright told that when the prerelease for your Ranch came out that the dinosaurs would be considerably rather than when the farm was outside. Additionally, not a lot is tied to the Ranch - we've got a ton of new plants confirmed too.Exactly, the type of temporary material is very different. RS3 includes afk XP fests. OSRS has temporary game modes. That is exactly what I said.

They later retracted that Osrs gold statement I stated the pre-release rates were exactly the same as they would be later on, and believed. And new plants aren't tied to it, but we do know that the ranch provides a whole lot of stuff for herblore.Could really use a supply on the walk back. I didn't hear a thing about that.And certain, and I am convinced the Ranch will offer great xp too, but you want the animals, you go get them. Don't overlook the Farming Guild changes also, giving more non Ranch stuff to Farming.
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Old 06-18-2020, 12:45 PM
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too many symbols! no one will read this article!
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Old 10-12-2020, 11:08 AM
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Default kevin bear

nice information post
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osrs gold

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