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Old 07-27-2020, 07:09 AM
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Default Is it Possible to Sell a Car via Agency without a technical Inspection?

The sale of a car that has been in the garage for a long time, the maintenance period of which has expired, raises difficulties and questions. In this article, we will tell you how you can sell a car without a technical inspection card.

Each car must have a mandatory package of documents that will be needed to reissue it. This register of documents includes:

contract of sale;
seller and buyer passports;
vehicle passport (PTS);
registration certificate;
It is important to remember that the buyer will need to reissue the insurance for himself , and in order to obtain an insurance policy, a technical inspection diagnostic card is required, until July 2012 it was called a technical inspection coupon.

The concept of "diagnostic card", or "coupon for inspection"
car diagnostic card

This document is issued after passing the vehicle inspection at specially equipped service stations. Previously, such stations were associated with the traffic police, but now they are independent, accredited commercial organizations. The map contains the following information:

the name of the organization that issued the document;
wheeled vehicle data;
the content of the inspection of components and assemblies of the car with comments.
If it was not possible to pass the inspection the first time, then within twenty days there is an opportunity to get rid of the shortcomings of the "iron horse" and pass the check at the same station, but only those components and assemblies that did not comply with the state technical regulations. When passing a technical inspection via agency like redleos(.)com at another station, the owner undertakes to pay the cost in full and undergo a check of all systems and assemblies.

The cost of a technical inspection of a car carzaamin(.)com varies within 1,000 rubles. The service of passing and issuing a diagnostic card is paid in the organization itself where the examination was carried out.

Is it possible to sell a car without a technical inspection: the risk of driving without insurance.

It is considered impossible to make an OSAGO document without technical inspection. But what if the diagnostic card has expired and the insurance is still valid? In this case, when selling a car, the new car owner will need to undergo a technical inspection to receive a document from the insurance service. And only after passing such an instance, it is possible to issue a purchase and sale transaction without any consequences.

It is possible to carry out a sale without a technical inspection diagnostic card, but it should be borne in mind that under the law, operation without such a document is prohibited. The only exception is a period of up to 10 days for the preparation of all necessary documents (inspection, insurance) and registration of the car.
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